• F170, F270 and F370

Stratasys F123 series FDM Systems are

The F123 series are unequalled in ease of use.

With the launch of the F123 series FDM systems. Stratasys have released the most advanced and versatile office 3D printers, for prototyping, functional models and entry level production systems.

The systems build in PLA for educational models plus high grade engineering thermoplastics, ABS M30 (Bayblend), ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate - UV stable) and ABS Polycarbonate blend for tough components.

Utilizing technology normally found on the high end STRATASY FDM production systems plus precision temperature control of build envelope allows for much larger build volume.

Up to 355 mm by 254 .mm by 355 mm, and up to 4 material bays that allow automatic support and material change. Stratasys patented soluble support allows for the most detailed models and freedom of design.

With the advanced print software, GrabCad print on all F123 systems allows for automatic precision tool path and support generation and INSITE on the F370 that allows modification of the tool paths. Manually modify selected areas of part to create thickned areas.

NEW 4 slice resolution for small, fine detail, tighter tolerances.

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F170 - Build area 254 X 254 X 254 mm. Material PLA, ABS M30, ASA, 2 material bays.

F270 - Build area 305 x 254 x 305 mm. Material PLA, ABS M30, ASA, 4 material bays.

F370 - Build area 355 x 254 x 355 mm. Material PLA, ABS M30, ASA, ABS PC, 4 material bays.

Wash Tank SCA - 1200HT

Support Cleaning Apparatus.


The SCA-1200HT dissolves support from 3D models created on any of the Stratasys 3D Printers that use Soluble Support Technology (SST). The SCA-1200HT optimized nozzle and pump designs circulate the heated cleaning solution in and around the models dissolving away the SST material. This speeds the removal of supports on all types of models regardless of part geometry. System owners agree, it is a great choice for cleaning support material from product mockups, functional prototypes and end-use parts.

A temperature setting for every material.

This versatile system offers temperature choices that readily clean supports from ALL the SST compatable materials - ABS, PC and Nylon. User selectable temperature presets, means models are cleaned at the termperature most optimal for a particular soluble support material.

Large capacity for large parts, multiple parts.

SCA-1200HT is ideal for removing support material from bigger 3D-printed models. Its sizeable basket can hold parts up to 254x254x304mm (10x10x12in). That means it can clean a single large part, or multiple smaller parts in its roomy tank - saving time when multiple projects are in the queue.

Note : No Plumbing Required.

Download Specifications PDF