Kelly Manufacturing

Achieving tight tolerances of 0.003 in. (0.0762 mm) FDM provides substantially better dimensional accuracy than the urethane casting process, and it eliminates the need for hand sanding.

McCann Architecture

Architectural Modeling Firm Builds Scale Model of Stunning Abu Dhabi Edifice with 3D Printing.

Northstar Manufacturing

After purchasing a Dimension SST 1200es 3D Printer, Miller and his team found parts that used to take three or four months to design and build now took a few days.

Tiberius Arms

With his new u-Print, Dennis and his team are now able to make different versions of their guns, all out of cost-effective ABS plastic. They are able to quickly verify form, fit and function and today, everything Tiberius Arms produces is first prototyped with the uPrint.

Chinese University of Hong Kong

Since adding 3D printing to its curriculum in 1995, the Chinese University of Hong Kong’s Mechanical and Automation Engineering department has used the technology more and more, for prototyping, research, artwork and more.